Tuesday, January 24, 2017

in group fighting VERY rare as unfit in Darwinian sense

Someone says : "An animal group, including humans, will attack its own members for resources. In order to remain as members of the group the attacked must let themselves be attacked.

In modern society the members who are attacked often express adoration for their attackers. The reason is that their attackers protect them from attack by outside groups and societies."

Devon says : "
.Me against my brother
.Me and my brother against my cousin
.Me my brother, and my cousin against the village
.Me my brother, my cousin, and my village against another village"

CB SAYS: Rarely or else our species would have gone extinct long ago. These group  suicidal assaults are extraordinarily rare, especially before 6,000 years ago for the vast majority of human species existence .

I was just speaking on the general in-group and out-group relationship

CB: Since 6,000 years ago there is a lot of what you are talking about, Devin Boyd, I must agree with you completely on that.

I'm trying to use science to get to how human society was 200,000 years ago when our 23 chromosome pairs were set : original human nature in our genes. I'm thinking it was super peaceful among everybody in the 25 to 50 person bands, and peaceful between bands . They were organized based on kinship , family relations connecting everybody. The kinship was organized based on ancestor worship , tradition to dead ancestors of family .

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