Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Reaganism 2016

What is Reaganism in 2016 ? It is rightwing government continuing the War on the Poor. PRIVATIZATION OF PUBLIC SEEVICES, austerity and cuts in government social spending, neo-White Supremacy, escalation of the arms race and warmongering, union busting. It was initiated by Reagan's Presidential leadership , but politically metastasized among millions of Americans , and was continued after Reagan's Presidency in the Gingrich Gang in Congress with its Contract on America; Bill Clinton's ending welfare as we know it, even, sadly; Bush's Crimes Against Peace in Iraq and Afghanistan and tax cuts for the rich;the tea Republicans and all current Republican Party Presidential nominees, and most Republican politicians with power , and Blue Dog Democrats for 35 years .

One of Obama's greatest political achievements is halting and reversing the federal War on the Poor with the first War on Poverty program since LBJ: Obamacare and opposing tax cuts for the rich. Obama has UNstayed the Reaganite course in the Presidency; Reagan's action was only in the Presidency at first; there were Democratic majorities in Congress for all his term. Reaganism spread to Congress and the states later.

Reaganism is all around anti-99% policies of government fraudulently presented as pro-working class; it is tragically successful demagogy.

Friday, January 1, 2016


Society owe you

The very accusation that they "vote against their interest" is demeaning.  If your core belief system, what you stand for, is that you are independently responsible for supporting your family then being given booty robbed out of someone else's pocket is NOT in your interest.  ///

Response: if you believe you are independently, that is alone, on your lonesome responsible for yourself, you have a fundamental belief against your own self-interest. As a human being you have right to support from human society. Just as you have responsibilities to Society, Society has responsibilities to you. Humans have been highly social animals since origin . It's what distinguishes us from other primates.