Monday, July 25, 2016

Stunned : More white people for Trump than Clinton

A Facebook friend of mine said she was stunned reading  a poll several weeks ago findin that more of ALL of white people support Trump than Clinton (!) White supremacy :the Confederacy is not yet history.

Trump got zero percent of Black vote in Ohio and Pennsylvania polls.

"Trump's margin among male voters dropped from 14 points last week to 9 points this week and he now leads Clinton 51 percent to 42 percent. His 13-point margin among white voters last week also shrank to 9 points this week. White voters now favor Trump to Clinton 50 percent to 41 percent."

I know it's shocking,but true. The majority of white people voted for McCain and Romney ( and against Bill Clinton). It's a long standing majority against the Democratic Party as the party of Black People. It's the infamous success of the Nixon-Reagan Southern Strategy from a different angle. It just becomes shocking that it holds for a glaring white supremacist like Trump. Reaganites were slicker with their white supremacy , though they never fooled Black people. It's been clear to us all along. Black people voted 94% or so against Reagan both times.