Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Does Trump have chance of winning the Presidency ?

Does Trump have chance of winning the Presidency ?

CB: You start from Obama got the majority last time. No reason to think that majority for Democrats doesn't remain ; it has probably grown because youth and Latina/o proportion of population continued to grow over last 4 years . Also, Trump is repelling from the Republican Party a significant minority , the sort of blue bloods, old money, and their retinues, Elder Bush/Romney  types ; by Trump turning the RP into a sort of white trash party.  Trump is also firing up a lot of Democrats against him , guaranteeing they will turnout to vote against him. Trump's starting campaign statement was white supremacist anti-Latino, the hottest voting population in America . It was like a suicide political move. At the time , I thought , this guy is fake, because he is purposely trying to lose . Everybody knows Republicans can't win if they don't get the Latina/o vote. Why would he shoot himself like that if he was really trying to win in November 2016.

2016 Presidential race will rhyme with 1964: landslide for the Democrats. Retake the Senate. Win 5-4 majority on Supreme Court. Reverse all of Reaganism and more: socialism with American characteristics .

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Splinter thyself , Republicans

Self-Abolish the Republican Party by it splintering , breaking up into smaller parties , like Bernie wants to do with the Wall Street too-big-to-fail banks . 

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Who Don't Like Free Stuff ?


   By C.D. Brown October , 2013

   When GM and Chrysler went managed bankrupt for something like
   $80 billion, nobody said that white people are not ready to be in charge
   of transnational industrial corporations and, that Chrysler was dependent on
   free tax money from
   us; that , as Corporation leader and Presidential candidate Mitt
   Romney insultingly said to the NAACP convention, to paraphrase, u
   people want too much free stuff.

   Chrysler Corporation has been bailed out twice by the federal
   government. Congressman James Blanchard road his championing that FREE STUFF for Chrysler to the Michigan governor's chair. But Prince
Richard Snyder
   doesn't want a bailout for Detroit. It is because, unlike Chrysler, Detroit
   has a Black majority represented in electoral offices running City

   Mayor Coleman A Young, Black Mayor Extraordinaire, won a loan from
   the federal government for the
   City of Detroit to help Chrysler Corporation build the Jefferson North
   Assembly plant. The federal government can forgive that loan which
   benefited Chrysler and America handsomely.

   Snyder,the Barbarian Governor, doesn't want a
   bailout for Detroit, thereby
   speaking against the best interests of Detroit. He should be
   aggressively seeking a bailout for Detroit, like Governor Christie
   sought aid for New Jersey for relief from hurricane damage or
   Blanchard and Granholm sought bailouts for Chrysler. Detroit
   has been under economic "hurricanes" almost continuously for 50 years.

   Chrysler has been bailed
   out twice from those storms ! ( Not only was
   there divestment from the city proper in
   capital flight for 60 years, but the auto industry corporations
   centered in Detroit have been crushed in the world competition as
   emblemized in Chrysler's two insolvencies. The City of Detroit's
   officials could do about as much about those auto company disasters in
   Detroit's economy as New Jersey elected officials could do to stop the
   hurricane. So, city officials should not be scapegoated in loss of
   powers under Snyder savage dictator law.

   As part of the economic hurricanes, the State of Michigan itself ,
   including Detroit, suffered a
   one state recession (as the monopoly media termed it) in the years
   leading up to two of Michigan's
   private auto giants falling into the final insolvencies As a result

   the State of Michigan fell into fiscal irresponsibility greater than
   Detroit's and, had to be bailed out by the Obama
   Stimulus for $7.8 billion ( See
   ). Then it was not even considered that whites ,who dominate
   Michigan's governorships and legislatures (
   including many who are still there) couldn't run our State, and liked
   "Federal Welfare and Entitlements", free stuff, to bail them out
of their fiscal
   irresponsibility. Savage Snyder's current budget "surplus" is wholly
   based on the bailout by President Obama and the Democratic majority
   Congress of Obama's first term.

   Similarly when New York City, New York was in
   receivership/emergency financial management in 1975, it was not said
   that white people couldn't run a major city. NYC got a $2.3 billion
   bailout from the federal government under President Gerald Ford of
   Michigan when it was insolvent.
   but it was not even whispered that the white people in charge of NYC liked
   free stuff. NYC was bailed out when it was insolvent in 1975.

   ( Bill Summary & Status - 94th Congress (1975 - 1976) - S.2725 -

   So, when Detroit has an immediate deficit we should not say Black
people don't
   know how to administer a major city. Since all these other institutions were
   bailed out, why not bailout out Detroit without any of this " Black
   people like free stuff"?

   There is a long history of government
   bailout of monopoly private corporations. especially banks and hedge
   funds based in New York City (
   (History of U.S. Gov't Bailouts

   What's good for the

   goose is good for the gander.

Friday, February 19, 2016

For The People Abolishing the Republican Party

Republicans are a bunch of lying demagogues, tellers of half-lies, prevaricators.

We must get rid of the GOP ! We must get rid of the GOP 1

Like the old, old Whig Party, the ole, ole Republican Party has got to go, go, go onto the garbage heap of American history. It gets worse every day ! Every damn day , some stupid Republican says something fascist , just beyond the pale , unconscionable. There's a rightwing insanity epidemic in the tea Republican Party.


Fern Woodfork Exactly Charles!! The GOP Is All In The Tea Party Ass!! LOL

What is to be done to move the Republican Party to political, social and economic prohibition ?

You say it's their freedom of speech. But we abolished private property rights when we abolished slavery. Private property is more sacred than freedom of speech in America , no ?So, we may do it by fundamental American jurisprudence.

Charles Brown Abolish the GOP like we did the Whig Party. Nothing lasts forever.
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Fern Woodfork Amen Charles!!!

Border Surge Complicates GOP Pitch to Hispanics

Republicans Demand More Enforcement, Including Some Who Took More Welcoming Positions in the Past

Yellow,Red and Brown/ Black and White unite / and beat the Bourgeoisie

Obama Presidency is mildly reformist in form but revolutionary in content , because the mass vote of White people for a Black President represents the beginning of predominant unity of all races in the 99% which unity will lead to the end of capitalism in the US. Racial unity is central to winning the class struggle in the US.

Socialism with US characteristics

.  We're only talking about socialism  for the first time in almost 70 years . It would be wishful thinking that the majority of voters were pro-socialism after 100 plus years of anti-socialist propaganda bigtime , overwhelming. We do have the advantage that Americans are taught to think ahistorically and only in the present . So, most of that anti -socialist propaganda from the past is lost on the Millenials and Gen X'ers . They are open minded. So, we should be seeking to win them to socialism. Bernie's campaign is doing that .  Frankly , I believe  Occupy Wall Street was the beginning of the socialist revolution in the US. 

In conclusion , we might be able to win socialism substantially by 2024 or 2028. It will be socialism with US characteristics.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Obama's Ballad for Americans

Obama's ideology is spelled out in his book , _The Audacity of Hope_. My epistemological test for theory's truth is success in practice. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. By winning two elections , I think he has proven the validity of his strategy of appealing to Americans' better nature, taking American political and cultural virtues seriously. Disdaining cynicism about them.

A similar effort to Obama's   extracting the rational kernel, the true American exceptionalist virtues from a History of white and male supremacy and capitalist exploitation and oppression was the project of Paul Robeson and others