Sunday, April 10, 2016

what would Coleman Young do in 2016 ?


Based on your reading of Hardstuff (Autobiography of Coleman Young) what would Coleman Young say about the current situation in Detroit, the nation and the world ? What would he do ?

    What was “Black Bottom” ? Paradise Valley ? "Eastside"

    What are some of the other things Coleman Young says about Black Bottom ?

    What does Black Bottom have to do with Detroit of 2016


    What was “white flight” ?

    The white flight is when white people would move away from Detroit and into the suburbs.

    Correct. How did the article you read today in the newspaper relate to white flight ?

“It’s mind boggling to think that at mid-century Detroit was a city of close to two million and nearly everything beyond was covered with corn and cow patties,” Young noted in the book. “Forty years later, damn near every last white person in the city had moved to the old fields and pastures— 1.4 frigging million of them. Think about that. There were 1,600,000 white people in Detroit after the war, and 1,400,000 of them left. By 1990, the city was just over a million, nearly eighty percent was black, and the suburbs had surpassed Detroit not only in population, but in wealth, (and) in commerce.” - Coleman A. Young , _Hardstuff_

    What happened in 1967 in Detroit ? There was a mass, creative and angry protest , guerilla theatre for real, of racist police brutality and racist , anti-Black poverty.

    The riots or angry protests started in Detroit.

    Why were there riots in Detroit ?

“Our Nation Is Moving Toward Two Societies, One Black, One White—Separate and Unequal”: Excerpts from the Kerner Report

President Lyndon Johnson formed an 11-member National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders in July 1967 to explain the riots that plagued cities each summer since 1964 and to provide recommendations for the future. The Commission’s 1968 report, informally known as the Kerner Report, concluded that the nation was “moving toward two societies, one black, one white—separate and unequal.” Unless conditions were remedied, the Commission warned, the country faced a “system of ’apartheid’” in its major cities. The Kerner report delivered an indictment of “white society” for isolating and neglecting African Americans and urged legislation to promote racial integration and to enrich slums—primarily through the creation of jobs, job training programs, and decent housing. President Johnson, however, rejected the recommendations. In April 1968, one month after the release of the Kerner report, rioting broke out in more than 100 cities following the assassination of civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. In the following excerpts from the Kerner Report summary, the Commission analyzed patterns in the riots and offered explanations for the disturbances. In 1998, 30 years after the issuance of the Report, former Senator and Commission member Fred R. Harris co-authored a study that found the racial divide had grown in the ensuing years with inner-city unemployment at crisis levels. Opposing voices argued that the Commission’s prediction of separate societies had failed to materialize due to a marked increase in the number of African Americans living in suburbs.

    What is the population size of Detroit ?

    OK . Where did you get this figure ?
    What was the population of Detroit in 1950 ? When did the population begin to fall , and why ?

    What has been the role of the auto industry in history of Detroit for the last 100 years ?
    For the last 100 years the auto industry provided jobs and great automobiles ?

    Yes. What is happening with the auto industry now ?

Bailed out for tens of billions of dollars and booming but not sharing the federal largesse with the City of Detroit  government.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Democratic Party's National All-People's /anti-prejudice Coaltion MAJORITY

It's not Obama the individual that makes the Democratic Party historically diverse and full of enthusiasm . It is the great Jesse Jackson Rainbow Coalition -like mix of voters, the tens of millions , who elected him twice .  It's an All-People's ,  anti-prejudice national majority. We have to gain the majorities at the state levels. Now Sanders is running in the DP slaying the old McCarthyite Redbaiting , which I very much personally politically appreciate . The DP has opened up in ideological diversity ; I'm real enthusiastic about that , myself . Go Democrats ! I'll be campaigning door/to/door again.